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Air Conditioning Jacket woman

Function: keep your body cool in summer Feature: 1.rechargeable battery 2. 4 cooling temperature

FOB Price:
US $ 42.30 - 43.80 / Pieces
500 Pieces
Monthly Capacity:
100000 Pieces
Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T, Credit Card, Paypal, Cash


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Product Description


Battery Description

On the first of the left key is for OFF and DOWN, it is uses to power off, turn down the grade.

Next is digital tube LED: it is used to show the grade and power.

Then is ON/UP key: it is uses to power on and turn up the grade.

The last key is DO connector: it is used to connect the motor load and charge.

Operating Instruction:

1.Power on and instruction

Press ON/UP key and show the power, press the time to 1.5 S and start the output, and it normally show the fourth grade, the process of power on will be done after the 7.2V output of the voltage of the direct currency.

2.Power off

Press the key OFF/DOWN 1.5 S, and the digital LED will be put out and show the success of the power off.

If loaded, the battery will be disconnected, the battery will be automatically powered off in 5s.

When the power of the battery lower the protected voltage, it will be also shut up in 2s.

3.The power instruction for giving out the power

When the power show 10 grades, it will use the number from 0to 9to show. When the number 0flashes, it means lower power, and the battery will be shut up soon. And the number of 9means the highest power.

4.Charging instructions

After the charger is connected with the DC connector, the digital tube will show the charging condition and the decimal point will remain flashing. When you charge, we use the number 10to show the power, and use the number 0to 9to stand for. When it gets to full power, it shows number 9, and this time the decimal point will not flash again. The degree of the power depends on the signal light, when the charger light show green, it means the power is in the full condition.

5.Short circuit over loading protection

When the output interface happens short circuit, the battery will automatically go into the protected condition. It needs to be charged to activate the battery.

6.The ability for loading: the maximal output of the voltage of the air-conditioning clothing is 2A.

Functional parameter reference form are the following:

> the reference of the output of the voltage grade for air-conditioning clothing.

Temperature Grade

Digital Tube Signal NO.

Output Voltage NO.

Duration Hour




5 hours




8 hours




12 hours




30 hours

The specification of the charger and battery:

The charger specification: Input AC 100V-240V, output DC 8.4V-10V

Battery specification: 7.4V/4400mAh,

Charging time: 6~7 hours

Notes for using battery:

If you dont use properly, the battery will leak out or explode, so please obey the rules following when using the battery.

1.Before you change the battery, please first turn off the battery power.

2.Please use our special battery to charge.

3.Do not make the battery short circuit or disassemble the battery, or take the battery .or take the battery out and damage the surface of the battery.

4.Do not put the battery into the water or touch any water.

5.Do not put the battery in the high temperature,keep away from fire too.

6.Please keep the battery in the battery box when you carry it, do not put it with metal items together.

7.If you find there is something wrong or abnormal, please stop using.

The protection of the battery and after sales services:

1.Before using, you must assure that the power of the battery could reach to 50% to 60%, with the temperature of 25+-5℃ and moisture requirement of 45%~85%, and store away from children.

2.The warranty for the battery is 12 months, we promise to change the battery in the warranty period. We will not afford the damage caused by human power.

Accessories and Using Notes:

1.Accessories: 2 fans, one 1/3 connection cord, one battery, one charger, clothing*1.

2.When you clean the clothing, you have to take remove all the accessories, or it will be easily damaged.

3.All the accessories do nit have the function of waterproof and fire proof, so please use the original assessment, or it will damage other accessories.


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